You may use webhooks to receive notifications, such as users being created and updated. Notifications are grouped into topics which can be subscribed to.

You can create multiple webhooks that can listen for the notifications. When you add multiple webhooks you need to use api_application_key param for every request to show which key you are using for the webhooks.

Mobilize allows users to create and update multiple items at once for example: upload an excel of users or upload users email list.
As a result of that we created the bulk notification object. This object allows us to update you about all the items that has been created/changed through notification objects, for more information please review: bulk notification object and notification object topics.


The webhook API currently supports users and group members. Future considerations for improvements to the webhook API capabilities include groups and posts.

Adding New Webhook

In the "Community Settings" -> "integrations" you click on "Create new API key" and a new key will be generated. Make sure to store safely API Application key and Secret key. In case you lose them you need to generate a new API key and destroy the old one.


A webhook subscription may be configured in the "Community Settings" -> "integrations" . Clicking "Webhooks Options" will show a form for editing the subscription.


Make sure to select the notifications checkboxes to subscribe to specific events


Securing Webhooks

We support HTTP and HTTPS subscription URLs, and we recommend you provide a HTTPS URL to protect notifications.

Supported Topics

The following topics may be subscribed to:

Topic DescriptionNotification type
User Createduser.created
User Updateduser.updated
User Status Changeduser.status_changed
Group Member Acceptgroup_member.added